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*MINIMUM AGE 16                                                   


1. All bats must be either ASA or USSSA bpf 1.20. All bats not bearing these certifications will not be permitted for use. If you think a bat is not certified it is up to you the player to point it out to the umpire for inspection and judgement.

2. No metal cleats.

3. A player may only play on one team, except in case of injury, one player may be picked up as a replacement.

4. Teams are to field 10 players with a maximum of 6 males. Teams may place 12 players in the batting order provided a minimum of 5 are females. No more than 2 males may bat in a row.

5. If a team cannot field 8 players by game time, they may default a 7-0 score will be entered. A maximum 10 minute grace period shall be granted. This rule will be the decision of the umpire or Chief Umpire of the Glacier Tournament. Should a team arrive late for a game, that team will automatically be the visitor. Team must take the field immediately, to begin the game as the visiting team. NO WARM UP TIME ALLOWED.

6. Team may field 8 or 9 players, BUT the 9th and 10th or 10th batting positions shall be OUTS.

7. Maximum 10 batters per inning or 3 outs. If less than 2 outs, the final out is at home, including when a batted ball is caught in the air. In this instance any runners on base may tag up and try to score. If 2 outs, the 3rd out can be made or the out can be made at home. 10th batter must hit. Strikes are counted but not balls. 7th inning is open.

8. At 20 feet from top left hand corner of home plate on the 3rd base line a commitment line shall be established. Home plate plays are force plays once commitment line is crossed. A line shall be drawn from 1st base line across home plate towards back stop for runner to cross. Runner touching the plate or mat only on a play at home will be out.

9. Courtesy runner rule is last female out. Batter must reach 1st on own effort.

10. Players must play defensively before they sub in, tell the other team who they are replacing in the batting order. Roving spares that go in for each successive player in the lineup each inning are permitted as long as the other team is made aware before play.

11. 10 run mercy rule after 5 or 6 innings, including playoff game.

12. Home team shall be decided by coin toss. HOME team shall be official scorekeeper and responsible for getting score sheet to umpire. BOTH teams to keep score. Umpire is to turn score sheet in to results area.

13. Strike mats will be used as a guide. It is up to the Umpire’s discretion to set the strike zone with both teams. The Tournament Committee encourages a liberal strike zone, it is a Hitting game!

14. The ball shall be pitched with an arc of 6 to 12 feet, it is not 6 to 12 feet it is called an illegal ball, if batter swings they assume the results

15. HOMERUN RULE: Homerun rule is 1 over the fence per inning with the exception of Kokanee and Rotary fields where there is no HR rule. Balls hit to unfenced spaces are not included in this rule. If a SECOND HR is hit in an inning it will be called an OUT

16.  Intentional walks are defined as 4 consecutive balls with no strikes to a male batter when a female batter is on deck. If this happens, the male batter is awarded 2nd base and the female bats.

17. No base stealing or leadoffs. Anticipation accepted

18. Batter who intentionally bunts or chops downward at ball is out

19. Foul ball on 3rd strike is an out

20. Outfielders (including rover) shall not come in closer than the 150’ line until the ball is in play

21. Balls to be returned to the umpires at the end of each game

22. Depending on the field some local ground rules may apply and will be posted at these fields

23. If two teams are tied in the standings after the round robin, the winner of the game between the 2 teams is ranked higher. If the 2 teams tied each other, run differential for all round robin games is applied and if still tied, the next tie breaker will be fewest runs allowed in the round robin.  If three times are tied in the round robin, run differential is calculated for games only between the 3 teams. If there is still a tie, the next tiebreaker will be run differential for all round robin games. If still tied, the next tiebreaker shall be fewest runs allowed in all round robin games.

24. TIME LIMIT no new inning may start after 1 hour 15 minutes from scheduled game start

25. Round Robin games CAN end in a tie

26. Please remember that umpires are all volunteer and unfortunately can make mistakes, if you feel the umpire is applying a rule incorrectly it is your responsibility to show this rule sheet to them prior to the restart of play. ANY ABUSE PHYSICAL OR VERBAL of Umpires will result in the forfeiture of the game at the Umpires discretion

27. The most important rule: Have fun, enjoy yourself and the beautiful scenery and PLAY BALL!!!!!

28. Umpires- please supply 2 umpires.

29. If the home team has already won, they do not bat in the bottom of the seventh.  If a team wins in the bottom of the seventh, this inning does not need to be completed.